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The scientific conference is the heart of scientific communication and exchange. There are countless conferences each year, they however tend to be not only costly, but also very specific to their field and require a high degree of background knowledge. For students and young scientists, often yet uncertain about the direction of their scientific career, such conferences might offer a valuable insight into a field of interest, but more than often result in being rather overwhelming and inadequate for their educational level.

Being students and doctorates ourselves, we wished for a conference designed for our needs. Thus we created and established the Emerging Science Convention Hamburg, ESCH in short, a yearly conference focusing on recent research, offering a platform for students from all over Germany and the near European region to discuss ongoing scientific topics and present their own scientific projects and accomplishments to a wide audience. We enable the attendance of well-respected speakers, recommended and wished by interested students and doctoral candidates, therefore directly influencing the program.


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Nanoscientist Robert Blick at ESCH 2016.

ESCH 2017 will give you insights into the most recent work in the field of human gene editing. In a series of scientific talks, experts in genetic engineering from all over the world will give you an insight into the newest trends and developments. A scientific highlight will be the keynote lecture on Thursday held by Dr. Hauber, who is working on BREC-1 recombinase and its potential use in humans to erase HIV from the patient’s genome. 
Beside the scientific program there will be special emphasis on scientific communication and bioethical aspects that need to be considered while working on controversial projects.

A special highlight will be a panel discussion on Friday, in which we will bring together scientists, ethicists and industry to discuss the evolving impact of gene editing in human stem cells. On Saturday, we will offer the opportunities to go into detail and talk to the speakers in small groups, enabling highly specialized discussions on topics that are of particular interest to you. In the ESCH Poster Session you will get the chance to present your scientific work and therefore qualify for the endowed ESCH Poster Prize.


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Postersession ESCH 2016.

This conference is a place of social interaction, so we will offer plenty of possibilities to meet your colleagues from all over Germany and from this year on you will also get the chance to meet international students and young scientists for example from Poland or Austria. Get in touch with the speakers at our conference dinner on Thur
sday night or meet your friends during our evening program on Friday. And of course you will have the possibility to visit the most beautiful city in the world, starting at the famous DESY Campus where the conference will take place.

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ESCH 2016 – participants and speaker, taken by Jan von der Heide