Cooperations and Support

Without the help of our cooperation partners and supporters the convention would not have happened.We deeply appreciate their help, input and support.

We want to thank our supporters; Joachim Herz Stiftung, Dekanat: MIN Fakultät Hamburg, Alumni Universität e.V., GBM, Böhringer Ingelheim, jobvector, biomol, Eppendorf AG, Life Science Nord, Evotec, Health Innovation Port by Phillips Group, MLP and Sarstedt for their support.






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Joachim Herz Stiftung Logo

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We further thank PIER and PHGS for the cooperation who not only allowed us to hold our event on the DESY campus, but also greatly helped us in logistics, catering and promotion.

We thank Kai Kiehn and the Alumni Universität Hamburg e.V, who greatly helped us by, amongst other things, greatly helping us with and therefore enabling the panel discussion and furthermore promoting us at our university, the Alumni network.

We thank Dr. Mirko Himmel for also helping us preparing the panel discussion and the ethical discourse.

We also want to acknowledge Alain Dechtjar for designing Posters and Flyers and part of this booklet, as well as Pauline Pinnow for doing an excellent job at managing our facebook page.